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We were so please with the gown you designed for me for the wedding of our first son that my husband suggested you should be the one to design my gown for the wedding of our second son now, so let’s get together...​
​Thank you, Therese Mason

Dear Raoul,

The excitement of working with you, your far reaching abilities of highest quality fabrics, understanding, construction and design skills... Rare pleasure…

Thank you !!! XOXO
Minnie Coleman Jr.


Gayle Benson was absolutely radiant in both of your gorgeous creations...  At the museum, the pink lace design was unreal...  And when she started down the aisle at the church, there was an audible gasp!!!!!  You are a true creative genius...

Angela Hill

Hello Raoul,

My outfit was fabulous!!!  Thank you so much.  XO

Gayle H. Jones

Thank you Raoul!! The dress was worth the wait!!! It is so beautiful and tried on last night-fits like a glove:))
​Dr. Jayne A Sanchez

Dear Raoul,

So here I am in your creation!!!  I think of you often.  You were mentioned often among my friends before the wedding and then during the reception.  You are fabulous.

Karen Landers


You know you have the heart of every diva from East Coast to West...

Cheryl Caldwell Evans